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Surveillance Enters the Future with Multimegapixel Cameras
  Date:2010-1-14   Browse: 1311
While three-megapixel to five-megapixel cameras offer a lot of advantages, further technological improvements will be needed before users take them up in a big way. Even though multimegapixel cameras present good value propositions, problems with sensitivity, storage and display will not be solved until H.264 adoption becomes widespread.
According to IMS Research, about 80 percent of all installed CCTV systems are analog, so strong growth is predicted for megapixel network cameras. "The IMS study confirmed that the entire industry is undergoing a period of sustained growth," said Mobotix CEO Ralf Hinkel. "The market for network cameras is set to increase by an average of 40.1 percent annually between 2006 and 2011, with the market for network video surveillance software not far behind at 35.8 percent."

Paul Bodell, Chief Marketing Officer of IQinVision, estimates that North America for 45 percent of the IP video market, Europe for 45 percent and the rest of the world accounts for the remaining 10 percent. "There are very few providers when it comes to three-megapixel to five-megapixel single lens cameras," Bodell said.

More exact figures were provided by Hidenori Taguchi, Manager of the Product Planning Department at Sony Corp. "The network camera market was worth US$500 million in 2007," he said, "with the megapixel market worth $80 million." To calculate market size for three-megapixel and above cameras, he estimated that less than three percent of the network camera market is multi-megapixel; this would equate to $15 million per year. "You have to remember that roughly 90 percent of the megapixel camera market is only 1.3-megapixel cameras," he said.

"We have seen many companies try to enter this market," said Bodell. "Some have tried to market 20-megapixel cameras, but the market is just not there. These companies are redefining portfolios to offer three-megapixel to five-megapixel cameras." He also noted that some big players have been talking about entering. "We expect them to launch products in the next year to 18 months
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